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Reports from the Forums

Alcohol Abuse on College Campuses (2000)

by Virginia York

Download the Report, Alcohol Abuse on Campuses.doc (71 K)

The Citizen Leadership Institute at Gulf Coast Community College spearheaded a nationwide conversation concerning the abuse of alcohol by college students. The concept behind this project is that there is a need and a desire among students to talk about important issues, but they often do not have the opportunity to do so in a structured setting where each voice can be equally heard. This project provided a space where students could have a conversation about a serious issue in a non-threatening environment.

The strategy used to solicit conversation was to hold National Issues Forums (NIF) in the spring of 2000 on several college and university campuses throughout the United States. The NIF book used was Alcohol: Controlling the Toxic Spill. The three choices in the NIF book were slightly altered to suit the unique campus situation.

The choices were:

• Demand Student Responsibility

• Treat the Campus Health Epidemic

• Educate for Campus Change

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