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These reports contain information about various aspects of the NIF network; including studies or reports about deliberative forums projects, or about characteristics of the NIF network itself.

Forums for the Fourth: The NIF network at age 25
» details

Download the Report, Forums for the Fourth, The NIF network at age 25.doc (59 K)

Report - Avian Flu Framing Forum, Atlanta, Georgia
» details

Download the Report, Avian Flu Framing Forum, Atlanta, Georgia.doc (45 K)

The Public and Policy: What Does the Public Have to Contribute? How Can it Make that Contribution?
» details

Download The Report, The Public and Policy by Philip D. Stewart.doc (81 K)

Report from the Policy Consensus Initiative (April, 2006
» details

Download Legislators at a Crossroads, Making Choices to Work Differently.pdf (2787 K)

Mr. Boyd Connects
» details

Download the booklet titled Mr Boyd Connects.pdf (1230 K)

Does Deliberation Work? A Summary of the Usefulness of Deliberation in Professional and Civic Organizations
» details

Does Deliberation Work.pdf (213 K)

Research Report on A Public Voice 2005
» details

Download the Research Report on A Public Voice 2005.doc (138 K)

U.S.-Russia Relations: Report from the New Dartmouth Conference (2004)
» details

Report from the New Dartmouth Conference.doc (44 K)

National Issues Forums Public Policy Institutes Networking Efforts (2001)
» details

Download Networking Efforts Report.pdf (21 K)

The Enduring Effects of NIF on High School Students
» details

Download NIF and High School Students Report.pdf (145 K)

University of California at Davis Public Policy Institute and University of California Cooperative Extension — A Public Service Partnership
» details

Higher_Ed_Adjust.pdf (122 K)

NIF Network Youth Involvement Report (updated 11/2000)
» details

Download Youth Involvement Report.pdf (33 K)

Collaborative Efforts Between the League of Women Voters and National Issues Forums (NIF)
» details

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